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The Coxinha has its origins in the 19th century Brazilian imperial cuisine of Limeira, Sao Paolo. This snack was the favourite dish of Nadir Cavazin, a lonely prince. First this snack was only prepared with chicken, but over time more home made preparations based on potato emerged. Our chef Juliana was schooled by her mother and now Europe will be introduced to a unique part of Brazilian cuisine. From our special Fries of the Tiger potato a bite with a story is produced in a circular process.

The Coxinha

The coxinha is a potato snack composed in three layers; a crispy outside, potato based composition and a surprising filling.

Process from potato to coxinha

The potato is manually prepared to one basic ingredient of the coxinha. With a different preparation the second part is achieved for the coxinha. Through an innovative production process the coxhinas are carefully layered.

Different types

The Coxinha is available in three varieties:

  • Potato cheese
  • Potato
  • Potato corn

Coxinha de queijo – pronounced : ‘kosjinja de keesoe’

Coxinha de batata – pronounced: ’kosjinja de baatataa’

Coxinha de milho – pronounced : ‘kosjinja de miljoe’

How to order

Our fries can be ordered by mail, telephone or our custom - made ordering app

Sample pack

Our sample pack contains the three varieties from our Coxinha assortment Of every kind you'll receive 12 pcs in a box of total 36 pcs with a fact sheet

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