Fries of the Tiger

Gruesome delicious

Originated from the Jordaan area at the contemporary fish shop Tijger en de Vis. The fries were served as a sides with the fish dishes. The product was very popular with the clients that as a result of that the demand surpassed the fish dishes. What started as a side dish became a main selling product. The change from fish to fries became an obvious next step for restaurant tigers Erik and Sander

The Potato

Fries of the Tiger guarantees constant quality. We use a type of Agria potato sustainably grown in salty Zeeland clay soil. Through permanent cooperation with our grower we strive for the best possible result for our product. In terms of use of the right grow methods, ventilation and ideal under water weight the best frying quality of this root vegetable is achieved.

Process from potato to fries

The potatoes are kept in clay insulation as long as possible and are washed on demand. The potatoes aren then cut and selected through a sliver remover. The raw sliced potatoes are pre fried in our own composed high quality oil. After pre- frying the fries are instantly blast chilled and kept overnight to dehydrate for texture, firmness and fuller taste.

Different sizes of fries

The fries are cut in sizes of 10,12 and 15mm. (Length is determined by the size of the potato)

Based on storage availability we deliver our product in 4kg or 8kg packaging.

How to order

Our fries can be ordered by mail, telephone or our custom - made ordering app

Sample pack

Our sample pack contains the three different sizes from our assortment. One kilogram of every size is accompanied with a fact sheet.

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